Return to School
Posted February 25, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope this email finds you all safe and well.  We look forward to welcoming Infants, 1st, 2nd and 3rd class back to face to face teaching and learning on Monday 1st March 2021.  Please read the following Covid19 notices and school reminders carefully.  This email contains important information.


  • Any pupils displaying Covid related symptoms should not attend school and should phone their G.P for advice.

  • Parents/Guardians of children returning to school after school closures must complete ‘A Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form’.  Please see form attached.  Completed Form can be emailed to moneenroeschool@gmail.comor handed to teachers by pupils on Monday March 1st.

                   A Return to Educational Facility Parental Declaration Form

  • Covid19 Detection – Please note that it is a matter for the HSE (Public Health) to advise in circumstances where a staff member/child has a positive test for Covid or is deemed to be a close contact, for the purposes of self-isolation.  The school will only share information when it is advised to do so.

  • Our school will be operating on a no un-authorised, no un-expected, no un-announced Visitor Policy, both on the school site and IN Moneenroe Hall.

  • All families are asked to refrain from congregating around the school, before, during or after school.

  •  All parents/guardians are asked to wear a face mask when dropping and collecting their children to school.

  • Returning pupils will receive SPHE lessons about hand hygiene, social distancing, sneeze and cough etiquette, etc.  It will help if families can speak with their child/children about correct behaviours relating to Covid also. 

  • Please see letter attached from Minister of Education, Norma Foley, regarding return to school.

  • Good time-keeping and punctuality will help to ensure the safe running of school.  

  • Recommended arrival time to school is between 9.05 and 9.20am.  Pre-school supervision starts at 9.05am. 

  • Infants school day will finish at 2pm.

  • 3rd class will exit Moneenroe Hall at the end of the school day at 2.56pm.

  • 1st class will exit Moneenroe Hall at the end of the school day at 2.57pm.

  • 2nd Class will exit the school at the end of the school day at 2.56pm

  • Families are asked to establish an area for collection with their child at the end of the school day.  

  • Everyone in our school community is asked to avoid congregating together in groups at collection and drop off times. 

  • The school office hours are 9.20am to 3pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  The school should be contacted by phone between 9.20am and 3pm on these days.  Our school email is

  • Phone contact with relevant staff can be arranged by appointment if necessary through the school office.  Only authorised, expected organised visitors for educational purposes will be admitted to the school. 

  • Fresh Today lunches – changes to orders for the week ahead must be in before Thursdays in advance of week ahead.  Fresh Today can be contacted on 053 9235994.  Junior Infants to 3rd class will receive lunches as normal form March 1st.

  • There are pupils with NUT ALLERGIES in 1st, 2nd and 5th class.  If bringing in extra lunch, please DO NOT include any food items that contain nut ingredients or nuts. 

  • Our school is awaiting revised information/dates regarding the Sacraments from Parish Priest, Fr. T. Corcoran.

  • Our school is currently undertaking a 130 meter squared school building extension project.  Please see information attached.  An additional email will follow to 1st class and 3rd class families whose children will be using temporary accommodation in Moneenroe Hall.

  • Thank you to all families who supported our schools pre/Christmas fundraising efforts.  Thank you also to Wilson’s shop in Crettyard who in conjunction with Inver Oil donated €500 to our school 

  • Cigire visit / Department of Education District Inspector, Barbara Collins, visited our school on December 4th 2020 for ‘A supporting the Safe Provision of our Schooling’ Inspection.  The Cigire was very complimentary about our schools’ practices and routines that were being implemented. 

Covid19 Information -  Covid19 Information can be found at and 1850 24 1850.

Thank you for all your support and co-operation.


Kind regards,


Board of Management 

Moneenroe National School. 

                 Letter from the Minister of Education

                 3rd Class Letter

                 Building Extension

When Using Zoom for School Zoom Sessions
Posted February 02, 2021

From tomorrow Wednesday 3rd of February, all pupils in all classes who are joining Moneenroe NS School Zoom Sessions need to take note of the following

  • Cameras and audio must be turned on to promote and improve pupil/teacher interaction.

  • Ensure to join using your name and not the name of a device.

  • No extra devices are needed i.e. phones/recording devices.


This is in the interest of pupil/teacher online safety and to promote a more productive environment during Zoom Sessions.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


Moneenroe NS School Staff

Foróige in Castlecomer


My name is Ciara and I work with Foróige in Castlecomer. I am running an online

health and wellbeing programme suitable for families with children ages 8+ living

in the Castlecomer area and the surrounding environs.


I was wondering if you could circulate the programme to families living in the above

area through email, Whatsapp groups or any other platforms used by the school.

I can send you a text with the information if it's easier for you to forward it on that way?


It's a 5 week programme focusing on all areas of health and wellbeing. The course

is run online via Zoom/WhatsApp and/or phone calls. The programme offers nutritional

advice, recipe ideas, free weekly food hampers and families will have their own

personal training sessions each week with a personal trainer .


A start up hamper will be provided to participants containing kitchen essentials

to assist families with cooking.


Participation is voluntary and free of charge for those who sign up.


If you would like any more information please let me know.


Kind regards


Email - Collection of Extra Resources 
Posted January 27, 2021


Hope you are keeping well. Tomorrow Thursday 28th of January is a collection date for books/resources needed for extended school closures and Lunch Packs. See Timetable below.


Thursday 28th of January - Timetable for Collection of Books/Resources/Fresh Today Lunch Packs


  • 10.00 -10.15am Junior and Senior Infants Ms Dunphy

  • 10.15- 10.30am 1st Class Ms Rafter

  • 10.30- 10.45am 2nd/3rd Class Ms Hally

  • 10.45- 11am 4th Class Mr Kelly

  • 11.00-11.15am 5th/6th Mr McKeogh


  • Families with more than one child in school can collect all Resources/Lunch Packs etc for their family as necessary at one of the times above.

  • Lunch Packs must be collected from the school site.

  • Class Teachers will make it clear to different classes whether resources need to be collected for extended remote learning or not.


    Thanks all. Take care.

Email - Collection of  Resources 

Posted January 12, 2021


Well done to all in our school community on the smooth and safe collection of books/resources last Friday. Another opportunity will be made available to collect the books/resources needed for remote learning on Thursday 14th of January for the small number of families who were unable to collect on Friday 8th, See Timetable below. 

Fresh Today Lunch Packs will be available for collection by families who have sent in an email confirming a desire to be in receipt of Fresh Today Lunch Packs on Thursday 14th of January. Fresh Today School Lunch Supplier must receive emails confirming desire to receive lunch packs in order to process order numbers and receive funding. Deadline for expression of interest for lunch packs to is today Tuesday 12th at 6pm. See Timetable below. 

If the relevant class teachers have informed your child that there are new resources/books needed for remote learning, they too can be collected on Thursday 14th of January. Relevant Class Teachers will make it clear on Zoom Calls and email facility if there are any new resources/books needed for remote learning. See Timetable below. Three members of staff will be present to ensure suitable social distancing etc. Cones will be placed parallel with Ms Dunphys roadside wall in the event of a need for queuing. Face masks must be worn by all collectors. Congregating in any area of school before or after collection is discouraged. All collectors should enter through the main reception door, collect books/resources/Fresh Today Lunch Pack as necessary and exit through the closest fire exit door as directed by school staff. Hand Sanitiser will be made available to all on entry and exit from school. All gates around school will be open to ensure prompt exiting from school.

Well done to all families who are participating in Zoom sessions. Teachers have been asked to send out Links/Meeting ID/Passwords necessary to access Zoom sessions before 8.30am each morning on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Pupils' work can be sent in for correction/feedback to email for the attention of the relevant class teacher. Friday Assessment Calls will be made to all pupils in our school by  the relevant Teacher. It is important all are available to take their Friday Assessment call at their designated time. Teachers will ring off Private Number for Friday Assessment Calls. Ms O'Mahony will be posting resources and calling as necessary for the pupils without internet access. All Weekly Outlines of Work by Class Teachers will be emailed out by Nellie in advance of the week ahead. Outline of Weekly Work for different classes along with necessary Zoom Timetables and Friday Assessment Call Timetables will also be posted on the school website and Moneenroe NS Parents Association Facebook Page.


Thursday 14th Jan Timetable for Collection of Books/Resources/Fresh Today Lunch Packs


  • 10 -10.15am        Junior and Senior Infants Ms Dunphy

  • 10.15- 10.30am   1st Class Ms Rafter

  • 10.30- 10.45am   2nd/3rd Class Ms Hally

  • 10.45- 11am        4th Class Mr Kelly

  • 11-11.15am         5th/6th Mr McKeogh


Families with more than one child in school can collect all Resources/Lunch Packs etc for their family as necessary at one of the times above.

School Closure / Remote Learning

Posted December 07, 2021

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please read the following information regarding Remote Learning which will be implemented in Moneenroe National School during extended school closure.


Weekly Work

A Clear Outline of Weekly work allocated by class teacher will be emailed to all parents/guardians on Fridays before the school week ahead, Weekly Work will be available on school website on Fridays and on Moneenroe NS Parents Association Facebook Page before the school week ahead. Weekly work will be posted to families who have no internet facilities available to them. Differentiated work will be given to certain pupils as necessary by Three Day SET Teacher Ms Maura O Mahony.


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ZOOM Group Class Conference Call

All families are asked to download zoom app where possible so as they can avail of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday explanation of work Group call by class teachers. Please see Zoom group call timetable attached. Families will receive an invitation to join group call in advance and teacher explanation of work/ teaching will start at the designated time. Families who want to avail of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Zoom call sessions are asked to be close to home or office wifi so as to facilitate call. Zoom Call sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be no longer than 40 minutes in duration. Our school will follow the zoom timetable below:


  • 9.00-9.40am            Mr. Lonergan 3rd Class

  • 9.45-10.25am          Mr. Lonergan 6th Class

  • 9.45-10.25am          Ms. Dunphy Infants

  • 10.30-11.10am        Mr. McKeogh 5th/6th Class

  • 11.15-11.55am        Ms. Rafter 1st Class

  • 12.00-12.40pm       Mr. Kelly 4th Class

  • 11.15-11.55am        Ms. Hally 2nd Class

  • Agreed time daily    Ms. O Mahony (SET)

Temporary Email Address

A temporary email address has been set up to facilitate communication with all class teachers during Covid 19 enforced closure. All teachers have access to new temporary email address. All queries that parents/guardians have can be emailed to this email address on school days between 9 and 3 for the attention of the relevant teacher. Teachers will answer emails between 9 and 3. Parents/guardians are also welcome to scan or upload work so as teachers can give feedback and correct pieces of work which have been emailed. Parents/guardians are asked to make it clear which teacher email is addressed to when emailing.

Friday Personal Zoom Call or Phone Call

Each pupil will receive a Friday call from Teacher to check in on level of work completed, observe work on zoom, verbally test as appropriate, give explanations and suggestions and feedback as appropriate. Relevant Class Teacher will assign a time for Friday Assessment Call with your child. Some families will receive individual Friday Call times via email as appropriate. The onus is on families involved to make themselves available to take Teacher call at the designated time on Fridays. Friday Assessment Calls will be no longer than 8 minutes in duration.


Collection of Resources/Books needed for Remote Learning

Two dates will be made available for the Collection of Books/Resources needed for Remote Learning from Moneenroe NS. Dates for Collection are Friday 8th of January and Thursday 14th of January. Please see timetable below.


Google Classroom

Google Classroom may be utilised by teachers of older classes in the future. Class Teachers will inform pupils/families in advance of any change to remote learning / teaching methods.


RTE This is Art Competition

This is Art is inviting children under the age of 18 to create a piece of Art, individually or as a family group, to be showcased in an online gallery for generations to come. The aim of the project is to promote artistic practice among young people, encouraging them to explore their creativity, originality and self expression. For more information look up RTE

School Lunch Scheme

Efforts will be made by School Staff to continue the School Lunch Scheme in some form for the benefit of our School Community once we get clarification from the Department. School Lunch Packs will most likely have to be collected from school site on a designated day at a designated time. Any other families who would like to avail of continuation of School Lunch Scheme during enforced school closures due to Covid 19 are asked to email

BOM Meeting

Our schools Board of Management will meet on Thursday 7th of January remotely via Zoom.


Timetable for collection of books/resources required for remote learning

Collection date-Friday 8th January/Thursday 14th January


  • Teachers of Moneenroe N.S will have books/resources needed for remote learning organised/positioned and clearly labelled at pupil’s desk areas for collection between the times below.

  • Three members of school staff will be present to ensure suitable distancing and correct entry/exit practises. Collectors at correct time will enter main reception door, be guided to relevant classroom, collect books/resources promptly and exit through fire exit door of classroom and leave school building/grounds promptly.

  • There must be no congregating of families etc. during collection of books/resources for remote learning.

  • Face masks must be worn by all collectors.

  • Hand sanitisers will be available on entry and exit to and from the school.

  • Collection of books should take no longer than one minute per pupil.

Timetable for collection on Friday 8.01.2021

  • Junior and Senior Infants  (Ms. Dunphy) 10am-10.20am

  • First Class (Ms. Rafter) 10.20-10.40am

  • 2nd/3rd Class (Ms. Hally) 10.40-11am

  • 4th Class (Mr. Kelly) 11-11.20am

  • 5th/6th Class (Mr. Mc Keogh) 11.20-11.40am


**Books/resources for Mr. Lonergan 3rd and 6th class will be positioned on counter and bench in hall area of school.

Happy Christmas

Posted December 17, 2020

Fresh To-day will not be supplying school lunches on Tuesday 22nd.

Please arrange an alternative snack for pupils for little break.


Exiting School on Tuesday 22nd:

  • Infants – 11.56am

  • 4th Class: - 11.58am

  • 2nd & 3rd Class – 12 mid-day

  • 5th & 6th Class – 12.02pm

  • 1st Class – 12.04pm


3rd & 6th Class – Mr. Lonergan’s Christmas Report Cards have been sent home in diaries. Please sign.  Thank you.


Thanks to everyone for their support since September.  It is great news that the school is Covid free.  Please God, it will remain so during the remainder of the 2020/2021 school year.

Vigilance on all our part with social distancing, handwashing/sanitising and sneeze and cough etiquette plays an important role in stopping the spread of Covid19. 

Wishing all a Happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.

School Reminders

Posted November 24, 2020


Dear Parents,

Please read the following school reminders:


Pre-school supervision:

Pre-school supervision starts at 9.05am.  School gates will remain closed until 9.05am. each morning.


MMR Vaccination:

MMR vaccination for Junior Infants & selections will take place on Thursday 3rd December.



Any pupils displaying Covid19 symptoms should not attend school.  If ill/unwell, parents/guardians can email the school to receive outline of work being completed in class.


Collection at the end of the school day:

All families are asked to discuss with their child an established collection point where parents/guardians will be at collection time.



5th & 6th class debating sessions continue on Wednesdays in the Hall.  Well done to all on the super performances to date.



Noel Devlin will be present in our school on Mondays before Christmas for rugby coaching for Junior classes, weather permitting.


Virtual Heritage Council visitor:

Ceol Mo Chroí Traditional Irish writing tutor will visit all classrooms virtually in early December.


Parent/Teacher Meetings:

It is hoped that all November Parent/Teacher meetings will be completed this week.  Any families who missed their appointed time should email the school office at for the attention of the relevant class teacher.


School Office Hours:

School office hours are between 9.20 and 3pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Phone communication to our school should be made between these times and on these days.


Christmas Annuals:

The deadline for ordering Christmas Annuals is tomorrow Wednesday 25th November.


Flu Vaccination:

Edel Quirke of Quirke’s Pharmacy in Castlecomer has asked us to let parents know that the flu vaccination is available and can be administered by them. It is free for children. You can ring Quirke’s to make an appointment.


Diary/Test copy:

Parents/guardians of pupils in 1st to 6th class are asked to sign homework diary Monday to Friday and test copy when sent home by class teacher.


Christmas Arrangements

Posted November 24, 2020


The Parents Association are making

Christmas Grave and Table arrangements

again this Christmas. They cost €10.  

Orders can be placed via facebook or

phone /  text via the details on the flyer.

This is a valuable fundraiser for the s

chool and your support is very

much appreciated. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Upcoming Events



Unfortunately proposed due to Covid 19


Provisional date Saturday 1st May - subject to change due to Covid 19

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