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Run to Zagreb challenge

Moneenroe NS will participate in the ‘Run around Europe’

active challenge (26/2/24- 22/3/24)

  • Moneenroe NS will run to Zagreb, Croatia estimated 2,152km.

  • A Walkway/ Running track is situated around the perimeter of our school (400m)

  • Each class is asked to participate in this challenge daily at a time which suits. Younger classes may need help from SNA’s to ensure supervision standards remain high.

  • Children can walk/run/practice comhrá gaeilge/quiz questions/Rhymes/Read a book at each station around our walkway.

  • Members of the active school committee will come around to each classroom daily to keep a record of KM covered.

  • Movement breaks around the walking track and individual laps during lunch time are to be included.

  • Big thanks to Ms. Walsh for leading this initiative

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