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Moneenroe National School is a five teacher, co-educational school. We aim to provide a learning environment that is inclusive and welcoming.


Our dedicated staff is committed to the welfare of the pupils and to providing a broad range of learning experiences in a safe, supportive, caring environment. Our school is a happy place where the pupils engage productively in learning.


In partnership with Parents, we work to achieve the best possible outcomes for all pupils so they can reach their full potential in body, mind and spirit.


We hope that our website will convey to you the vibrant, creative atmosphere in our school where everyone is treated with courtesy and respect.


Principal: Ms. Barbara Luttrell

Deputy Principal: Mr. Michael McKeogh

Assistant Principal II: Mr. Gary Kelly

Our History
moneenroe ns past(adj).jpg

On the 22nd of August 1911 permission was issued to Rev. M. Power, Parish Priest, by Board order, to build a new school. This school known as Gazebo was built in 1913/1914 and senior pupils moved into the premises on April 21st 1914. The school was closed from 14th of May 1914 to the 30th of June 1914 owing to an epidemic of scarletina. “Curtailment of vacation suggested: Board Order 28th of July 1914.” (This is interpreted as the Office of Education’s suggestion that the school should cut short its summer vacation). Mr. Joseph Brennan was the principal of the boys’ school and the assistant teacher was Mr. Michael Salmon. Mrs. Mary Derivan was the principal of the girls’ school and the assistant teacher was Miss Mary Madigan and Miss Julia Campion was the monitress. Infants remained in the other building known as Gazebo Infants for almost 100 years.

In the early years, the boys’ and girls’ schools were housed in the same building but had separate entrances and the children were taught separately. Both schools continued to operate independently until some time in the early 1940s when they amalgamated. From then on the children were taught in mixed classes.


There were some renovations to the building in 1985, including replacing windows, putting in concrete floors, laying of carpets, painting and alterations to the staff room.


In the 1990s, major fundraising was undertaken by the Parents’ Committee of the school, under the leadership and guidance of the then Parish Priest, Fr. Jerry Joyce, R.I.P., to build an extension to

the school.

moneenroe 1913 with teacher 1.jpg

Gazebo Pupils 1913 


Back Row: Ms. Maggie Doyle (Teacher), Pakie Walsh, Johnny Dunne, Ned Brennan (Durrick),

Willie O’Shea, Jack Holohan, Lar Meally, Tom Lawlor, Johnny Nash, Nicholas Walsh, Joe Langton, Paddy Fitzgerald, Pat Campion.

Middle Row: Wm. Brennan (Ned), Jim Walsh, John Brennan Roe (Rabbit), Joe Carroll, Dan Carroll, Paddy Shortall, Wm. Brennan (Roe), John Nash, John Brennan (Ned), Charlie Brennan,

Mick Loughlin, Eddie Boran, Joe Ivory.


Front Row: John Morrissey, Billy Carroll, Lar Holohan, Pat Comerford, Charlie Brennan (Roe), Tom Holohan, Pat Murtagh, Murty Brennan, Pat Fleming,   Mick Walsh, Sargeant Shiner, Tom Comerford.

Proclamation for a New Generation
MNS_Proclamation Day _2016.jpg

Proclamation Day Tuesday 15th March, 2016

Moneenroe National School Childrens' Proclamation 
for a New Generation

We as pupils of Moneenroe N.S., a small country school in North Kilkenny, today admire and recognise the bravery and self sacrifice of the people (our ancestors) who fought for our country's freedom in 1916.


We believe a century on from its first reading on the steps of the G.P.O., the Proclamation of Independence - its vision, aspirations and sentiments are as relevant today as they were in 1916.

The ordinary good living people of Ireland today still pursue happiness and prosperity. In the future we aim to have a country which treats all its children and people equally.


one negative we noted about the 1916 Proclamation was that it was written by and contributed to , exclusively by men. Over the last one hundred years, significant improvements for the better have been made with regards to women's rights. We hope rights for all will improve further gong forward with fairness being the central theme behind all decision making.


We believe in looking after the poor and hungry and we want to get rid of all violence in Irish Society. We believe that everybody deserves a home.


We believe we as Irish citizens in 2016 have a responsibility to display pride in, pass on and encourage the ongoing practise of Irish traditions and culture for the next generation.


We as children in 2016 recognise global issues and accept that we have a role to play in keeping our environment clean for all the world and the importance of helping refugees fleeing from war and persecution.


We here in Moneenroe National School are fortunate to have good community people, good Gaels and good Volunteers. We acknowledge the good work they do and appreciate the time they give for the benefit of others.


In conclusion, we hope to keep the values of love of Country, love of language, culture and national games alive.


We hope traits such as hard work, generosity and volunteerism will remain and rub off on others.


We hope that Moneenroe, Kilkenny and Ireland will remain friendly, healthy, happy, clean and nice places to live in into the future.



Ó na Daltaí i Rang a Cúig agus a Sé

Scoil Náisiúnta Móinín Rua

15 Máirt 2016



Éire Abú

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